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Our search process
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Our highly experienced team of dedicated Consultants, Researchers and Associates work in a true partnership approach with you to help you achieve your business goals. Our recruitment methodologies and search processes might be similar to others, but when combined with in-depth industry experience, extensive contact networks, a professional approach and a personal touch is what makes the difference. Here are the components we focus on in our search process with an explanation of how each would add value to you.
Assessing your needs - Designing and delivering our services around your needs.
We always start by building a thorough understanding of your business, your culture and the roles you need to fill. Our aim is to totally understand:
  • The responsibilities and goals of the position and why the position is currently open
  • The product line involved and the types of customers you sell to
  • The background/profile of an ideal candidate and why that background is important to the success of the company/candidate
  • The compensation plan - its structure and its incentives
  • The managers as people - personality, management style, goals
  • The company's mission and goals
All of this information helps us in determining where and how we go about our search process. The time spent in obtaining and understanding this information is critical.
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Planning the Search - Identifying the sources to find the best candidates.
We source candidates continuously through a number of methods. Based on the information provided by you, we provide you with a tailor-made solution that utilizes the following or a combination of these:
  • Our own professional network and relationships
  • Well written and well-targeted advertisements (using the relevant media and publications)
  • Comprehensive candidate database research working in the same field or having similar jobs.
  • Candidate Referrals (the ever reliable resource as through our experience we have found that good people refer good people)
  • Campus Placements
Once we formulate a list of candidates, we start calling them up to present the opportunity to them.
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Selling the opportunity and addressing concerns - Marketing both the position and the company
We effectively market the position you have to offer and the company's culture, products, strengths, and future growth. Our consultants communicate the opportunity in a professional manner and address concerns candidates may have about the opportunity. 
Finding a good fit - Determining if the skills, experience, abilities and personality of each interested candidate corresponds to your requirements.
We screen all interested candidates to understand their career aspirations, key skills and motivations for changing jobs. In the process, we are also able to judge their communication skills and create a profile of their personality and personal goals, taking into account our understanding of your needs from the job specification.
This is usually done in three steps:
  1. Screening the resume
  2. Telephone interview
  3. Face-to-face interview or if for some reason the candidate is not available for a face-to-face interview, we have multiple phone conversations to properly evaluate the candidate.
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Presenting the candidate - After determining if the candidate is well qualified and genuinely interested
We will recommend the suitable candidate for the interview process, and along with that we will send you a copy of his/her resume with an attached cover note which will explain the reasons behind why we think of the candidate as being a good fit for the position. The main reason behind this explanation is the fact that most candidates create a standard resume and send to all job openings that they can find and, therefore, the resume does not illustrate all the information that is relevant to your position. We know through our experience that some of the most eligible candidates have badly written resumes or grossly understate their achievements.
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Validation through referencing - Ensuring the credibility of information
We will perform reference checks and talk to at least one former manager of the candidate. We will also account for their job history and if there is a big time gap between jobs, we will find out the reason and communicate the same to you.
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Ensuring closure - Bridging the gap between offer and acceptance
The closure does not always happen at the same time the offer is made. Candidates like to take their time to make the final decision and during this period certain things can lead to them to change their mind, such as uncertainty about the future, misinterpretation of the offer or another opportunity elsewhere. We remind the candidate and reiterate what the job has to offer and address any concerns that they might have by helping them compare it to their present job or any other job offer that they might be considering. Any further concerns that the candidate may have are communicated to you to help minimize the barriers to closure.
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Following up - Staying in close touch with the candidate and hiring manager after the hiring
The first few months after the employment are most crucial for the appointed candidate. We call all those candidates we place to find out how they are getting along with their new job. Similarly, your dedicated account manager will stay in close touch with you to weed out any issues that might come up. We are passionate about the interests of our clients and candidates and make sure that expectations are met on both sides. 
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Doing the hard work - We save your precious time by performing all of the above steps.
You do not have to worry about recruitment and searching the right qualified candidate. We take this burden off your shoulders. All our candidates are interviewed, tested and reference checked by us before we recommend them to you, so all the time consuming and hard work is taken out of the process and you can focus on running your business. 
Our experience, knowledge and expertise in contacting and gaining committed candidates through our search method, ensures that no vacancy is left unfilled. Your return on this investment will come quickly as a consequence of employing the right candidate in the right time for the right job.
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